Rutland Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Our Vision: To be the family of God by loving Him and loving others. Our Mission: All members to use their gifts to grow the family of God in our community.

Church Mission

The mission of the Rutland Adventist Church is to:
“Bring the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ to all within reach, nurturing them into a saving relationship with Him, and thus prepare them to meet Jesus at His second coming.”
To achieve our mission WE WILL:
1. Seek the Holy Spirit for a daily experience of conversion to God and allow Him to change us moment by moment to be like Him in love and unity.
2. Strive To know God better through prayer, Bible study, worship, and loving service to each other and our community.
3. Dedicate our means, talents, and abilities to serve God here and support the worldwide organization of the church and it’s supporting ministries in evangelizing the world.
4. Improve and use our church facilities and develop ministries to meet the spiritual, mental, physical, and social needs of both our members and community.

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