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Reaching our community with a message of hope and wholeness by being the hands and

feet of Jesus is the mission of iServe - a coalition of services that members of the Rutland

Seventh-day Adventist Church are engaged in to meet the needs of those around them. Every

Tuesday morning some of those involved in iServe ministries gather in their well designed office

to pray, study, discuss current issues arising from their projects, and plan how to help in the local

community. Others who contribute do so from their homes. iServe has quilters, knitters, crocheters,

seamstresses, shoppers, and donors all working together to provide relief and encouragement

to people with specific needs.

The iServe logo consists of many hands reaching up and symbolizes a branching tree. Under

this canopy of hands are projects such as Bags of Love, Bundles of Joy, Postpartum Support

Group, Mom’s Network, Quilts and Needles, Health Expo, and the Hopeful Cafe and Oil Change.


iServe began with a vision to consider the needs of young children who are taken from their

homes and put in foster care due to difficult situations in their families and/or homes. Kits called

Bags of Love have been made up for different age groups of boys and girls and are available

to Social Workers to give to the children moving into their foster home.The community social

workers report that the children’s response is very positive. Prayers follow each Bag of Love

that is put together by the kindness of the church members and the iServe team.

This initial need was soon followed by creating smaller bags for newborn layettes for a mother in

hospital who did not have some of the necessities for her baby. The Bundles of Joy bags are

filled with needed items including a hand made sweater and quilt or fleece blanket made by the

iServe team.

Kits for mothers in hospital with no personal toiletries have also been assembled and they come

in a medium sized, colourful cosmetic bag full of basic hygiene products that she might need.

The Kelowna General Hospital maternity social worker has been helpful in distributing these kits

and baby bundles to those who really need them and liaison with iServe when reserves run low.

Kelowna Assistance for Postpartum Depression (KAPD) is a service for mothers who have

depression following delivery of their baby. It has been functioning in the Rutland area for almost

15 years. Any mother or father in need of a support group for helping them develop strategies

and understanding to cope with the effects of anxiety or depression associated with maternal

health is welcome to attend the Tuesday morning sessions from 11-12 noon. Contact

250-860-5096 for information and referral.

Mom’s Network will be operating soon - it is a new outreach for our church community and will

serve the families of children 0-6 years old in need of support and/or children’s items. Space

has been provided in the lower level of the Church to accommodate a gathering place. Supplies

have been sorted and categorized for items families may need for their child(ren).

Quilts and Needles is the cornerstone for many of the iServe projects. A talented group of quilters,

seamstresses, knitters, and crocheters contribute to beautiful finished items that go into the

bags that go out. They also sell custom made quilts to raise funds for more materials for future

efforts. They formally meet once a week but much of their activity happens in their own homes.

Another project is the creating of ‘fidget quilts’ for adults who have dementia that results in a

need to be occupied with something familiar and safe. The lap-size square quilt has different

textures and shapes and interesting attachments. By keeping their hands busy and their minds

engaged in purposeful activity, the person who is agitated or wandering becomes more settled.

Once a year, a Health Expo is held to raise awareness of individual health needs. Many booths

are set up featuring health products and services. Plans are underway for the 2016 event which

will offer participants a chance to have analysis of such parameters as blood pressure reading,

blood glucose count, lung capacity, and body mass index. Participants will receive counselling
about their results.

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